Meeting Minutes
April 12,2006

The meeting was called to order at 7:41 P.M.

Present were Brent Hoover, Rich Leight, Ken Paulsen, Diane Soffer and Brenda Huntington. Eric Estebanez was present from Pointe Management Group, Inc.

Daryl Deka from Palm Beach Broward Landscaping & Irrigation was present.

Ken Paulsen moved to waive the reading of the March minutes, Diane Soffer seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Common Grounds Committee: Larry Dubois gave a summary regarding Military Trail and the front entrance. Issues with management, painting, lighting, landscaping & irrigation were noted. Daryl Deka commented on several issues regarding irrigation and landscaping.

Architectural Committee: Dick Pope gave an update on the current ARB'S. Security Committee: No report.

Communication Committee: Gary gave an update of what is available on the website.

Ken Paulsen reviewed the Treasurer's report. Rich Leight moved to accept the Treasurer's report. Diane Soffer seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

The manager's report was given by Eric Estebanez. A copy is kept on file for future reference.


Discussion ensued regarding the dock repair. The previously approved proposal for People's Choice has been put on hold until the new board has time to review all the proposals.

Discussion ensued regarding the recorded documents of preservation. The recorded copy was mailed to the residents.

Discussion ensued regarding the $15,000.00 reimbursement from the county. Copies of cancelled checks were sent to them. After receipt and review the county will issue the check.

Discussion ensued regarding the street signs and poles. Many vendors declined the job. Mary McCarty from the county did state we can put in writing a request to have the county take over the signs & poles again. She has stated that the county would probably replace them at no charge to the Association. The cost of additional insurance on the street signs and poles were discussed. Gateway will be contacted to clarify if coverage is bound for the additional amount until June 2006. Inventory of the signs will be taken.

Discussion ensued regarding the letters to the homeowners who need to move the fences that are encroaching on the sidewalks along Pheasant Way: Code Enforcement was contacted to investigate this issue.

Discussion ensued regarding Samantha Korr from ERMS. She was assigned to investigate the invasive removals in the park. Rich Leight would like to continue the contact with Samantha Korr for clarification of the issues in the parle.

Discussion ensued regarding the grant application that was sent off in March 2006. A reply is pending. An application for a land incentive grant was sent off in February 2006. We are still pending response from the county.


Discussion ensued regarding new signature cards. The information was presented to the board members for signatures and copies of their Driver's licenses and other information.

Discussion ensued regarding contracts and proposals from all vendors. The board was supplied with this information to review.

Discussion ensued regarding the playground equipment. The board would like to know the replacement cost of the equipment.

Discussion ensued regarding a different place for meetings. Several places were suggested. If a bigger crowd comes monthly a bigger meeting place will be needed.

Discussion ensued regarding violation reports. The board would like copies on a monthly basis. Violation procedures were discussed. Sending letters to the mortgage companies was a suggestion.

Discussion ensued regarding forming committees. Procedures & guidelines will be formulated in the form of a manual. A sign up sheet for volunteers was available at the meeting. More information will be posted on the website & Cham1el 63.

Residents concerns ranged from street signs & poles, increased insurance, meeting places, violations and committees.

There being no further business at this time, the meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Meeting Minutes
April 12,2006

A special meeting was called for April 26, 2006 to address repair of the community's signs and sign poles, repair of the dock, and to establish various

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 P.M. Present were Brent Hoover, Richard Leight, Diane Soffer and Brenda Huntington. Ken Paulsen was absent as
was any representative from Point Management.

Information about Street signs repair & replacement and painting was discussed.
We have received two bids, one for $30k and another for $31k. All other companies from which bids were requested either no-bid, or simply did not respond. We have been advised by Point Management that we will receive $26k from insurance.
Brenda had investigated the insurance and found that the signs have been under-insured for several years and raised questions regarding the effect on the amount of money to be expected, Decisions on the two bids was tabled pending clarification of the insurance coverage.

It should be noted that the company that supplied the $31k bid failed to address correction of loose poles; About 93% of the poles bust be stabilized with stainless steel bolts, which is covered in the
$30k bid.

We've received 3 bids to repair the dock. The options for the Community Dock repairs are:

1. Seal the dock wood only for $1.7k. This doesn't solve the liability problem.

2. Repair, sand, fill, and, seal for $8.8k. The finding was that the dock is completely shot .Nails and wood splinters are protruding up all over the deck. For the price, this is not a long-term solution.

3. A proposal was received Pope Land & Construction for $7.8k to replace all the wood decking with commercial grade plastic decking and adding 2x6 pressure treated stiffeners. Decking sideboard and bench seats will also be replaced. The materials used will last for many years and solve the problems of nails and splinters popping up from the surfaces.

A motion was made by Diane Soffer and seconded by Brenda Huntington to accept the bid and was carried by all.

Insurance rates are being looked into by Brenda. We will check out other community rates.

We were informed that our field captain from Wackenhut has a form letter for residences wishing to have a check of their property while they are out of town. The form will be posted on our web site.

Committee volunteers were solicited and we now have a total 27 volunteers. Those who wanted to add their name to the committee list did so.

A motion was made at 9:10 by Diane to adjourn the meeting seconded by Brenda